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We are still intending to go ahead with the British Showjumping Winter Classic, 17th-19th December.

How we work

Our world-class facilities enable leading vets, therapists and farriers to deliver coordinated treatment and exercise packages for horses across a number of disciplines.

Hire our facilities

Our water treadmill was the first of its kind in the UK and our programmes in this area are supported by Dr Kathryn Nankervis, who has conducted much of the research on this modality.

Our SATO treadmill is a fantastic tool for delivering controlled, safe and rider-less exercise in a straight line. Variable speed and incline allow us to control the volume and intensity of exercise, making incremental changes as recovery progresses.

Safe trot up facilities allow us to review our horses on straight lines and circles to assess lameness and monitor progress.

Dedicated arena time and space allows our staff team to use a variety of ground schooling techniques in a quiet environment. Your horse can also be re-introduced to ridden work in a quiet environment.

Many of our programmes are supported by electrotherapy. We can deliver interferential, neurostimulation and ultrasound according to the programme designed by your therapy team.