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We are still intending to go ahead with the British Showjumping Winter Classic, 17th-19th December.


Our dedicated team of staff, therapists and vets are on hand to provide residential and out-patient treatment and exercise packages tailored to your horse’s individual requirements. Here’s what we offer.

A team approach

We work with your vet and/or therapist to deliver the most suitable programme for your horse. All horses are housed in our well ventilated American barn. All stables have rubber matting and horses are on shavings beds with either haylage or soaked hay provided. The cost of livery and treatment is standard, making it easier to estimate the likely cost of your horse’s stayPlease note that we require veterinary referral for admission of residential cases. Owners are welcome to visit either before admission or at any point during their horse’s stay.

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Therapy livery is full livery including all treatment and exercise prescribed by your therapy team within a fixed weekly rate. Multi-limb lameness, back pain, or more complex injuries are well suited to therapy livery.

Prices start at £250 inc VAT.

Rehabilitation livery is full livery including all exercise prescribed by your therapy team within a fixed weekly rate. Often, soft tissue injuries such as tendon or ligament injuries are suited to rehabilitation livery.

Prices start at £210 inc VAT.


Water treadmill sessions are a popular choice for both rehabilitation and training. £35 per session.

As a leading educational establishment, Hartpury University is committed to advancing industry knowledge and practice through research

Our extensive research activity helps us to identify more effective ways in which to train and rehabilitate horses. Our water treadmill research is internationally recognised and we advise vets and therapists around the world on the use of this modality.

To discuss our research please contact 

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